Paul Blackham on the Religion of Self-Improvement vs Romans 8 and the Freedom of the Spirit

The modern religions of self-improvement will batter us with condemnation from every angle …

We need to lose weight, stop eating dairy, improve your relationships, eat more veg, drink more water, go to the gym more, organize your time better, develop your career, get on top of your savings, de-clutter your garage, make better investments, get promoted, live simply, live complicated, travel more, seize the day, redesign your CV, learn a new language, spend time in meditation each morning, do some yoga, lose more weight, tone your body, redecorate your home, renovate your shed, spend more time with your children, spend more time with your partner, spend more time doing sports, spend more time getting fit, spend more time getting new skills, spend more time reading, spend more time on your home, your body, your finances, your diet, your past, your present, your future … but don’t get stressed!

… It leads to endless condemnation …


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