The Importance of Trinity

Mike Reeves:

“In many cases [of popular atheism] the world is reacting against a certain sort of God. The concept of a loveless dictator in the sky. Could such popular anti-theism in many cases be the rumblings of an unknowing hunger for a better sort of God?”

“When we are not robustly trinitarian, our gospel will not be robustly Christian… If we are not specifically and clearly trinitarian, none of our talk is specifically and clearly Christian.”

“Today, given the widespread poverty of knowledge of God, it is especially important that Christians are not heard to be speaking of God vaguely. If we do not expressly proclaim Father, Son and Spirit then we do not expressly proclaim a God of love – the sort of God who would have any fellowship to share with us. The gospel we proclaim would then be essentially rootless – disconnected from the God whose gospel it is. And that must ultimately spell catastrophe. No church can survive for long on such a superficial gospel. And ever fewer outsiders will be persuaded by one. Becoming more trinitarian today is a core need.”