A Gospel Presentation tool

I came across a video by Glen Scrivener yesterday morning. I think it follows on quite well from Wednesday’s post which was based on a thought-provoking tweet from Glen. In that post I tried to put a bit of flesh on the bones of his tweet. He was basically pointing towards the need for Christians (and certainly preachers) to have a right understanding of the gospel, of atonement, of salvation and relationship with God through union with Jesus, and the need for that gospel to be preached.

Glen, who is a full-time evangelist, has been working on his own gospel presentation materials. Over a number of years he’s seen that there are numerous “Achilles heels” in many traditional gospel presentations. Some fall down in key areas because they haven’t really been thought through. Some are the result of a tendency in our churches to look away from the person of Jesus and his work, and at ourselves. We pursue holiness, maturity, humility — any number of a long laundry list of characteristics that God desires. But we forget that the Father sent his Son that we may have him. And in him receive a righteousness from God.

You’ll recognize the gospel analogies used in this video (oneness/in-grafting/marriage) because they’re the ones God uses in scripture. That in mind, we should probably use them more when thinking about and explaining the gospel! The result: Christians will not be burdened so much by a fruitless, introspective, works-based approach to life, and unbelievers will not be turned in on themselves in self-salvation projects. They’ll see Jesus and they’ll know he is offered to them freely. That really is good news.

Here is what Glen has come up with:


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