On Seeking the Will of God

We heard Charles Price preach this morning and something he said struck me. He was talking about deciphering God’s will — how do you know you’re in the will of God as you make a decision in life?

He said something like this:

“It’s like driving. You don’t leave your driveway and say to yourself, “Right, where’s the green light?” No, you keep going in the direction that is natural to you until you get to a red light, at which point you heed the light and you stop.”

So the way it often works is that you keep going until you hear his voice in some way (and as we go on in life we learn to recognize this) or we lose the peace we had before, or are confident God is speaking some other way. Perhaps this means going forward prayerfully with what you feel is the right way until it becomes clear to you that you need to stop, or turn left or right (or even do a u-turn!)

What we don’t do is sit still, paralyzed with fear, waiting for a green light.

Another point Price made was to say that some people ask him whether their desires are their own, or God’s. He says he sometimes responds by saying “Have you ever considered that your desires might be yours and God’s? Have you ever considered that because you delight in God he has given you desires that are in accordance with his will, and that he will give you what you desire?”

No doubt this is a possibility sometimes. The priority though, is to delight in the Lord first.

Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the LORD,
and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Our focus then, as we go through life, is not centered on the massive pressure of making the right decisions in every instance. Rather we see and delight in the Lord who knit us together in the womb, who knows how many hairs are on each of our heads, who knows the thoughts of our hearts, and who has brought us into intimate relationship with himself through the cross. As we receive him and walk with him he does his work in our hearts and makes us the people he created and redeemed us to be.

So it seems the starting point when making any decision is the cross, and the heart-delighting Christ who loved us and died for us, not because we are inherently loveable, but because he is just that type of God. What an unspeakable privilege it is to know a God like this, and to know that we are his and that he is ours.


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