What does it mean that Christ has observed the law fully?

Christ has observed the law fully. He has met every single requirement down to the tiniest detail.

Here are some thoughts on what that means for the Christian.

Christ does not manage just to do nothing wrong, resulting in a sort of moral neutrality. No, BEYOND THAT Christ loves his Father fully — perfectly. That is with all his heart, his mind, his soul, and his strength. This is what it means to fulfill the law.

So it’s not just that Christ isn’t under God’s wrath because of the absence of sin in him. It’s that he loves God perfectly and is in turn the worthy recipient of God’s fatherly love. Jesus is the perfect Son who has loved the Father perfectly from eternity and who, through the incarnation, has lived a perfect life, offered a perfect obedience, and has offered himself as the perfect atoning sacrifice in accordance with the Father’s will.

And so the Father’s love for the Son is absolutely beyond question. The Father delights in him.

Christ is worthy.

The law no longer condemns the Christian because it has been fulfilled by Christ, who is worthy, and the Christian has been joined with him.

We are more than acceptable.

Union with Christ doesn’t mean that God merely accepts us because we’ve been made inoffensive to him. Sometimes we imagine that God has a sort of duty-bound love for us — little more than a grudging acceptance that we’ve just about qualified for now that we are no longer under wrath. But is this really how our God feels about us?

No. The Father delights in us, loving us with the overwhelming fatherly love that he has had for his Son for all eternity. We are counted as sons because we are in the Son who loves his Father perfectly, who has gone down into death, has risen to new life and glory, and who is worthy of his Father’s love.

Christian, begin to grasp how worthy Christ is and you will begin to grasp how loved you are, and how sure your salvation is. You will also begin to delight in Christ, in the things Christ delights in, to hate the things Christ hates, and you will long to go out into the world and share the good news about who God is and what God has done.


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