John Woodhouse on Listening to the Word of God

Taken from this sermon on Colossians 2:1-5. The preacher is John Woodhouse of Moore Theological College.

This relates to our attitude when encountering God’s word, and listening to God’s word preached. John Woodhouse starts his sermon by expressing concern that some preaching is being trivialised by its popularity. Sermons are so easily accessible and downloadable. They can be played like pop music on our ipods as we jog.

His point is not that this is a problem in and of itself, but that our attitude towards God’s word should be right. I guess he’s saying that we shouldn’t consume and dispose of sermons as we consume and dispose of other things in our culture. We should remember that we are hearing God’s word which has power and purpose.

In whatever ways you listen to the word of God (and no I can’t really see anything wrong with listening to sermons as you jog) do not neglect the deep purpose of God by his word. It’s not intended to give you a buzz as rhetoric certainly can. But to encourage your heart; to knit us together in love; to give us the full wealth of conviction that understanding brings; to present us before him, holy, and spotless, and blameless.


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